María Cristina Parareda

Osteopath Eur. Ost D.O. M.R.O.E (Member of the Register of Osteopaths in Spain) núm. 141. and E.F.O. (European Federation of Osteopathy)

She studied physical therapy at Ramon Llull University Blanquerna, graduating in 1996.

She was subsequently trained in the osteopathy school “The Foundation for the health M.E.S”, (French school), and graduated in 2003.

With a diploma from Osteopathic methodology by Fundació Bosch i Gimpera of the Universitat de Barcelona and a diploma of osteopathy D.O. with the corresponding thesis, by M.E.S. school.

María Cristina Parareda

She has followed various postgraduate courses, among them we highlight:

  • S.A.T. I, II, III (“Adjusting Technique Specific”) with Gez Lamp in the EOB (School of osteopathy in Barcelona).
  • Visceral osteopathy with Jean Pierre Barral. EOB (School of osteopathy in Barcelona).
  • She has completed all training at “Sutherland Cranial College” in the United Kingdom. And she is part of the teaching team in Spain.
  • She has specialized in Pediatrics with Viola Fryma, Susan Turner and Bernard Darraillans, among others.

Maria Cristina has completed all levels of biodynamic osteopathy of James Jeaulous.

And she currently directs and teach in Biobasics Spain courses.

She is member and President of the Council of osteopaths in Spain.