Dificultades de aprendizaje

Difficulties in learning

A child who cannot remain still because it feels uncomfortable may have more difficulties to focus on sedentary tasks and school learning.

As learning disabilities, we understand that children cannot develop their full potential. This broad term includes some common conditions such as dyslexia, the dyspraxia and hyperactivity deficit syndrome (ADHD). There are many children who cannot be included in any of these terms because they have their own learning difficulties.

Osteopaths can help in some types of difficulty through the release of physical tension that interferes with the ability of the child to sit and concentrate.

Learning disabilities do not appear suddenly. In general, there are indications that there is a problem from birth. At first the child may be able to overcome these difficulties, and seems to be reaching objectives, however, as there is more demand at school, it can become increasingly difficult for him to keep up. Eventually, he is left behind, and then diagnosed with “difficulty in learning.”

For best results, the osteopathic treatment should begin as soon as possible.

Osteopathy is not a panacea, but can help the child to feel more comfortable, which makes it easier for the child to stay still, improves the quality of sleep and concentration and it may be helpful for children who are struggling to achieve their full potential.

Dificultades de aprendizaje