It is important to monitor both physical and emotional growth of children.

Accidents, falling down or emotional experiences in childhood do not tend to be severe to cause trauma but the effects such as compression and blocking in certain areas or general stress, can cause problems in the future. They may interfere in the growth, in the child’s behavior, sleep patterns and general health causing aches and pains, such as scoliosis, pelvic, misalignment dysmetria in the legs, flat feet, etc. We believe that a regular monitoring of the development of the spine and the growth of the child can help prevent health problems in the future.

Treatment Osteopathic

Used for infants and children, osteopathic treatment is soft, safe, and effective. It is specific and precise, applying a gentle pressure where it is necessary to help the body’s natural ability to release tensions and dysfunctions. Reactions to the treatment are variable, often the baby or the child is very relaxed after the treatment and sleeps better. Others have a burst of energy after treatment, usually followed by a placid night. In some cases children remain unstable after the treatment but it is a temporary situation, and it usually resolves within 24-48 hours.