Dolor de espalda


There are many causes that lead to backache and prevention and treatment must be as efficient as possible.

We may find pain episodes that might occur due to an obvious cause while other episodes may take place without apparent reason. In general, backache often goes back to an accident or trauma, even one that happened years ago. This pain not always comes immediately after an injury, since our body has the capacity to adapt to injuries and stress, but once exceeded the limit of adaptation, the pain may manifest as muscle spasms, back pain, cervicalgia, epicondylite, grips overload, stress in joints…

During the treatment we release the tensions of trauma reducing the chance of relapse.

The common symptoms associated with stress besides back pain are: fatigue, mood changes or depression, disturbed sleep, headache, menstrual problems, digestive problems and vulnerability to infections due to a depleted immune system. Many of these problems improve after an osteopathic treatment.

There are certain types of accidents that contribute to back pain; although they did not produce pain at the moment, yes cause it after some time. Some causes include:

  • Car accidents, whiplash
  • Lifting heavy weights
  • Falling down or direct injury.
  • Giving birth.
Dolor de espalda

Stress is one of the factors causing problems in the back and other areas.